As you know, after these turbulent years, this summer we will once again enjoy one
of the most emblematic activities in which the Federation participates: our Taikai in
Cala Montjoi, which will take place during the weekend of June 16 to 18.

We were very excited to be able to resume this old tradition, and when we started
planning the event, we came across the fact that the circumstances brought about by
the pandemic and the economic situation will force us to make some administrative
and organizational changes to ensure that the event remains the magical experience
that we all know.

Accommodation at the Cala Montjoi Vacation Resort, located near one of the
most beautiful coves on the Costa Brava, from Friday, June 16th to Sunday, June

18th, 2023, on a full board basis.

This includes dinner on June 16th, breakfast, lunch, and dinner on June 17th,
and breakfast and lunch on June 18th at the Cala Montjoi buffet restaurant.

ere will be four indoor tatami surfaces, plus an outdoor training area for Iai-
jutsu practice.

Training sessions will include Jujutsu, Aikijujutsu, Judo, Iaido, women’s self-

defense, among others.
Iai-jutsu classes from the Toyama school will be taught by Japanese masters,
Mukai sensei and Shimitzu sensei.
Participants can also take part in the Shindo Iaijutsu Tournament, or spectate if
they do not practice this discipline.

There will be an exciting exhibition on Saturday night, as well as trophy and
diploma presentations.

On Sunday morning, there will be the legendary Mizu Geiko water training
Workshops on sports Jujutsu, Japanese culture, and other surprises for children.

For veterans, it will be a chance to reunite with old friends after three years, and
to train and laugh together again. For those coming for the first time, it will be an

unforgettable experience and a welcome to a larger martial arts family. A date to

come back to the next year.

More information: or the General Secretary IMAF-EU

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