I was asked to become General Secretary of IMAF-Europe. It didn’t take me long to say yes and enjoy the warm welcome of the Daily Board. I support the goals of IMAF-Europe warm-hearted. Especially now it is important to share the BUDO philosophy, to offer support and to share knowledge about BUDO. 

BUDO is a daily part of my life. My IMAF passport was signed for the first time in 1983. My passion lies with Karate and Nihon-Jiujitsu. In my hometown (Aalten, NL), my girlfriend and I have a Center for exercise, sports and health. I was not new to IMAF-Europe because I am a board member of IMAF Netherlands since 2014.

Please contact me for questions, events and other matter. You can contact me on the generalsecretary@imaf-europe.com email-addresse.


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