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Why should we do things different?

About 35 years ago IMAF-Europe was founded.

The idea was to promote Japanese Budo and other Martial Arts. To unite people in their training and research in their Art.

Back then we lived our lifes in the place where we were born. We worked in the place where we lived. Mostly we had to go to other places to find Budo.

But Budo has spread its way into society.

Why should we do things different?

Because today is different………

….everything is different.

The World has changed!

Everybody is now more mobile, better informed, everybody has access to the internet, and many use smart phones.

Information can be spread almost instantly.

What happened today is old news tomorrow.

We are mobile

We like to go to other places. We can fly to every city in Europe, because it costs almost nothing. Because it happens there.

We are consumers

Individualistic, busy, not easy to be satisfied. We consume and take everything for granted. The majority of our students are consumers. They come and go as they please. Sometimes their personal interests are in conflict with our philosophy of Budo.


We fight

Because that is what we are. We fight to make things better, and in our fight we use the old to improve the new. We improve the new, to understand the old. The circle of Budo.


…we do things better

Not alone…

The biggest threat? We stay on our little islands and keep fighting for individual success. But that is not the spirit of Budo.

Budo is to share. Our knowledge, our experiences.

… together

We can build IMAF-Europe to be the best place to learn, to compete, to join, to meet. Where the way to the goal is more important than the goal itself.


How can we proceed?

We can choose: are we going to stay where we are? Or are we going to look where  our changes are?

But whatever we choose, it has to be together!

We have all the cards in our hands

We are going to make the difference, because we have the best cards: innovation, excellent activity, commitment. We do things our way, the IMAF-Europe way, in friendship.

Turn the switch

Do you see it has to be together? Are you convinced it has to be together?

The switch is turned, we can meet here and now.

Develop our shared vision

The success in your own country is not enough. In IMAF-Europe we must strengthen each other and outline the path we go together.

Please remember that the European Community has widely recognised the importance of sport to bind people. Our contribution to peace and understanding.


We can already do it

It shall not be for the first time that our combined forces have produced visible results for IMAF-Europe. We have already proven that we can do many things together: Our International Budo seminars, our International training camps, our International tournaments.

It is going to be fun!


What is already happening?

The house of IMAF-Europe is already there…

On European level there is great importance to have a strong and solid Federation.

The only thing that divides us is our ego.

Be open minded and learn to take criticism as well as praise. You have to accept that you need others to proceed, to advance.

An important goal of IMAF-Europe Pro is to be a house of innovation, motivation and co-operation. The basis for all member-countries to work together.


… where you can just walk right in

As I did, many years ago, with the idea to learn, to participate. The learning part was great, but the participating part was not. An obstacle may have been the ancient hierarchical structure of Budo and Martial Arts. The master knows best.

Smart masters, however, should also listen to the young, to learn.

Ask for help and you will get it. All you have to do is to join us!

… and to have tangible results!

The result: a unique innovative product that really makes a difference for all Budoka and Martial Artists. Completely seated on “the new way of Martial Arts”.

Let us surprise you!!



The objective of the IMAF is to bring together multiple

Budo-disciplines in one alliance. Students of multiple disciplines therefore have to pay contribution-fees to just one alliance.

The IMAF strives after keeping the martial arts techniques on a high level.



Annually one of the affiliated countries organizes two national- and two international courses. The participants are instructed by the highest graduates of each discipline. Japanese grandmasters are regularly invited to these courses. Despite the fact that competition practice isn't the most important thing at the IMAF, there are competitions for Judo, as well as Karate-Kumite and Kata-competition.


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